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Hopefully the same thing you see in me…

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Home isn’t just a place, home is where family is. Home is a person, a child, her mother, a father, a lover-those people, they give you roots, they bring you home
                                                           -Storybrooke, it’s my home
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Outlaw Queen AU: Hogwarts

In all her years as Potions Professor, Regina Mills was best known as one witch to never be confronted, or crossed.

No one got in “the Evil Queen’s” way. 

However, the new Care of Magical Creatures Professor sees the bold woman as a challenge - and a beautiful one at that. Robin begins to test her patience inch by inch, and eventually wins her over with his impeccable charm and dimples. With glorious ease and simplicity, she feels her icy, wall-bound heart begin to melt.

It’s not until one late night drink that Professor Mills sees the tattoo - the one she had heard a prophecy about so many years ago. When Robin confronts her about not visiting the grounds more often, evidently avoiding him, she is left conflicted.

Tell him, or run away?


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snowing appreciation week | day 3

a heartbreaking scene: I can’t crush your heart. I can’t lose you. (3.19)

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The Queen was beautiful and terrifying all at once. Her features were severe, her hair black as onyx, her eyes piercing and ice-cold. Perhaps once, long time ago, she had been an innocent young maiden herself, the fairest of the land, but now all could see that hatred and bitterness had pulled the warmth from her face. Snow had known her for a very long time, and every time she saw her, the Queen had become more embittered. Snow didn’t understand how one person could  h  a  t  e  so much.

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favorite harry potter moments → The 422nd Quidditch World Cup.

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Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

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